Baby Eve Los Angeles Newborn Session

Emily + Bret were married back in 2014 at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and I loved photographing their wedding so much! When Emily reached out and told me she was pregnant you can imagine how excited I was for them! And of course even more when she wanted to meet up again for maternity and newborn photos. Little baby Eve was such a sweetheart. She was pretty much awake the entire time. I think she just wanted to hang, try on different head bands and see what the heck we were all up to! Newborn sessions are some of my favorite sessions. They are only this tiny for such a short amount of time it really makes the photos even more important.Welcome to the world Baby Eve!


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  • Zafia - Simply adorable. I want to hire a good photographer in London but it is so difficult to find someone who is a real professional. Most are cab drivers who do photography on the side.ReplyCancel

Death Valley National Park Adventure

Happy Birthday to my one and only!!!!

To celebrate my husband, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a short trip we went on a couple weeks ago. We have been trying to get out for a camping trip for quite some time. But as a small business owner and his work as a freelancer, our schedules rarely align long enough to go out of town. So we found ourselves with less than 48 hours of time on our hands – we found some energy and took off for a trip to Death Valley National Park!

If you don’t know, my husband and I love to travel and love National Parks! So we were so glad to check out another one! We also knew we had just missed the super bloom, where the valley is carpeted in wildflowers. But we didn’t care! Death Valley is absolutely spectacular. I remember while growing up in California, wondering what was so special about a place called Death Valley – it;s a desert right? But as you can see it’s so much more. It’s almost like a museum where you have little stops here and there, and everything is different. Each little section of that valley has so much going on. Yes, it’s valley. Yes, it’s a desert. But it’s incredible. You have Badwater Basin where it’s just flat land with a salt crust (do I sound like I am describing food? haha). It is also the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. There is the Artist’s Drive which felt like the Cars ride at California Adventure. That could have been my most favorite spot there. At one point on the driving loop, you have to pull over and take in the beautiful multi-colored mountainside. All I remember was that oxidation of different types of metals causes the color changes in the mountain, making it look dreamy. I took a moment to sit and appreciate mother nature there. It was quite a sight to see. Then there is Dante’s View where you can take in the entire valley at almost 3,000 feet high. And the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, where you feel like you are trekking across the Sahara Desert. I can’t even begin to tell you how tired my legs were after climbing sand dunes – after 2 days of multiple hiking trips. We were wiped when we got back.

I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who loves the outdoors and wants to experience so much together. He is everything to me and I am so glad I get to celebrate his birthday today!! XO


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  • Christine - Your photos are incredible Julie! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us & for fueling my wanderlust. Death Valley is definitely on my list 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - Great pics! I cannot wait to travel to Death Valley! It is definitely on our family’s bucket list.ReplyCancel

  • Kira - Love love the adventurous feel of this post and the simplicity of the photos….this is good LIVING!ReplyCancel

  • Dubai gift - There is no doubt that California’s Death Valley National Park is an unusual place and it’s a great place to celebrate a birthday. Good idea!!ReplyCancel

Emily + Bret – Sunset Maternity Session

Seeing Emily + Bret again was so special because I photographed their wedding in 2014 with their closest family + friends present. It was such a sweet day! You can see it here. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when they contacted me to say they were expecting! AND they wanted me to capture them together while Emily was at 8 months pregnant with their baby girl! And it was perfect timing since I was scheduling holiday mini sessions. I hope you enjoy this session, it was beautiful and the light was perfect!

FAST FORWARD: I got to meet their gorgeous baby girl last week and I can’t wait to share that time with you! Stay tuned…


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Felicia + Neil’s Engagement Session: San Francisco Bay Area

When friends ask me to photograph them for their engagement session, I get all the feels. I’ve known Neil for going on 10 years now and he is by far one of my most favorite people and so you can imagine I was incredibly excited to meet Felicia after they started dating. When I saw them together, I knew it was the real deal and they would get married one day – and well now they are!

They got engaged at Neil’s favorite beach, Old Orchard Beach in Maine this summer. He took Felicia out for a walk there on the beach and suggested they do some Geocaching. Little did Felicia know Neil had placed a rock in a certain spot on the beach hours before. They are searching for this fake Geocache together when Felicia finds the engraved rock Neil had placed in the sand that said, “Your future lies below”. When Felicia picked it up, Neil quickly placed the engagement ring box in the sand for her to find. And surprise! They were engaged! Isn’t that the sweetest Geocaching story ever?

Neil is originally from Connecticut so they will be having a gorgeous New England fall wedding and I am soo looking forward to celebrating them! Currently they live in the Bay Area, so this is their west coast love story. Of course we made quite the adventure out of it. Starting with a walk through Muir Woods National Monument, followed by chasing the sunset in Sausalito, we got stuck in some moody fog at Point Bonita Lighthouse and at Crissy Field we brought out their gorgeous pup Atticus. It was the cherry on top of the session! Isn’t Atticus the cutest?

Congratulations on your engagement Felicia + Neil!


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  • Joanna Tutwiler - Everyone should do this for their anniversary! Absolutely beautiful photography!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Durham - What a gorgeous location for an engagement session!! Love that they brought their dog to the second part, too!ReplyCancel

  • Justin Critz - oh my wow. Each image is a work of art. Just stunning!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dennis Roy Coronel - ughh… just UGHHHH!!! This is amazing Julie!!! I love it! The location is to-die-for and the couple looks like fun! I’m jealous, but also so happy for you haha! You did amazing! I left my heart up in the Bay Area!ReplyCancel

    • Juile - thank you so much Dennis!! I am jealous of all your work!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Your work is lovely. Such pretty engagement photos.ReplyCancel

  • Benny Chiu - Great job! I love how all the colors complimented each other!ReplyCancel

  • Abby - This is so beautiful. I love the colors and the couple looks so loving. Fantastic work!ReplyCancel

My Bestie’s Wedding: Tina + Pat – Santa Cruz Avenue Beach

This week is my best friend Tina’s birthday! So I thought it only appropriate to share some photos of her wedding!

I met Tina in 8th grade history class. If you can believe it, my teacher moved my seat because I was talking too much to my other neighbors. Joke was on our teacher because he sat me next to Tina and within just a couple weeks we were attached at the hip. And after almost 19 years of friendship, I am so happy she found the man of her dreams and that they share a friendship as strong as Tina’s and mine. That is all a bestie could want for her other bestie. And I think the photos share their story of their happiness!

Tina and Pat were married at Santa Cruz Avenue Beach in San Diego. They had a sweet ceremony right at sunset surrounded by their closest family and friends. Everyone was invited to jump in the ocean after the ceremony. Tina’s dress was such a find from Modcloth and Pat was stylin’ in Tommy Bahama’s. It was a gorgeous and magical day with besties.

019_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 035_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 028_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 049_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 075_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414083_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 087_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414097_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414 203_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414307_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414327_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414345_JSPHOTO_Tina_Pat_100414



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  • Judy Hodge - Super job Julie, great couple!ReplyCancel

Travel Town Fun! Mottaz Family Session

I love photographing the Mottaz family! They have been with me since I started my business years ago. I photographed Henry’s 1st birthday photos and now he is a first grader! One of my most favorite things about my job is getting to see little ones grow into amazing kids and Henry is one of them! The Mottaz’s are always ready to have fun during a family session and on this day we ran all around Travel Town in Burbank and had a blast!

los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town003los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town002los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town001los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town004los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town007 los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town008los_angeles_family_portraits_burbank_travel_town006


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