Charlene & Peter – Love in the Redwoods

This was such a unique and charming wedding to photograph and witness. Charlene and Peter are such creative and talented storytellers themselves and it was such a privilege to be able to tell the story of their wedding day. Twenty minutes outside of Palo Alto, Ca. they hiked with their entire family to Thornewood Open Space Preserve to have their ceremony under the redwoods. Charlene and Peter also asked their family to lay on blankets under the giant redwoods and take a moment to really take in the beautiful surroundings. There they gave each family member a needle and thread and asked everyone to make a stitch and a prayer for them in the blanket they would be married in. It was such a beautiful moment when they were wrapped in that blanket with the prayers and love from their family and pronounced husband and wife, there in the forest. Of course, there was a gorgeous reception afterwards at their home in Los Altos Hills where everyone ate, danced and celebrated into the night. Congratulations again to Charlene & Peter!

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